My favourite make-up artist Jing Lim

Today I wanna dedicate this post to Jing, my favourite make-up artist of all time. I’ve been working with her for four years now and never once has she let me down, always managing to make me look good each and every time. Friends I have recommended her to, always have a good word to […]

What I want in a car is what I want in a man

I’ve often been asked – what do I look for in a car? It’s difficult for me to single out the perfect car for me, but I do have a list of characteristics that I look out for when choosing a car for myself. In that process of thinking, it then hit me… that what […]

Be inspired by my top #fitspo stories of 2014

Fitspo (short for fitness inspiration): Images of active, strong, and fit women that promote proper exercise and diet Through the various fitness stories I have written for Yahoo!, Fitness Sutra and FHM, I’ve met incredibly inspiring women who are legit #fitspo. As we come to the end of the year, I just wanted to share and […]

[PHOTOSHOOT] Jessica Sinclair

  Jessica Sinclair – daughter of former female bodybuilding champion Jojo Sinclair – suffered from scoliosis since she was a kid, but it never affected her daily life until last year. She was just cutting apples in the kitchen when a sneeze knocked her down to the floor with a resounding crack in the back. […]

My white Christmas in Niseko

I finally experienced the white Christmas I’ve been dreaming of. This year, we decided to head to Niseko for a winter holiday and some snowboarding! Travelling at this time of the year is pricey (plus we booked only a month before) but it was worth the trip anyway – after all, we worked our asses […]

6 things to do in Sapporo City

Unless I’m headed to Niseko for snowboarding, I probably would not fly out to Sapporo specifically. This time, I spent two nights in the city of Sapporo so I could explore it a little. Truth is, there isn’t much to explore in the city. There are a lot of parks and departmental stores – for […]

Active walking: Strengthen your feet without tiring them out

In my work as a photographer, I have to endure long hours on my feet with heavy equipment, often straining my back at the end of a big event. While I really enjoy running around and taking photos, I know this isn’t good in the long run for my back especially. I do go to […]

Geared up to fight… with Stephen Langdown

ONE Fighting Championship bantamweight Stephen Langdown takes us through the full set of gear he uses for his training and fights. MMA Gloves: Used for sparring and pad work in MMA; used for MMA fights Boxing Gloves: Used for sparring and pad work in boxing and Muay Thai Hand Wraps: Worn under boxing gloves to […]

Juicing with Rich Franklin

3x Middleweight World Champion and MMA superstar Rich Franklin talks about juicing or blending your foods to accomplish your nutritional needs Text by Rich Franklin, photos by Cheryl Tay I eat for fuel, not taste. How did I arrive at such a nutritional philosophy? I took a nutritional class as a high school elective credit, […]