My favourite make-up artist Jing Lim

Today I wanna dedicate this post to Jing, my favourite make-up artist of all time. I’ve been working with her for four years now and never once has she let me down, always managing to make me look good each and every time. Friends I have recommended her to, always have a good word to say about her skills, her working attitude and her sweet personality.

534402_10150909953592710_547492006_n (450x600)

I often tell her how she can easily be a star in front of the camera too, but she prefers to work behind the scenes, taking great pleasure in dolling up talents for the camera or clients for their event. We have become friends over the years and I appreciate her professionalism, as well as never fail to be amazed by her craft. Jing has worked with the biggest stars of Mediacorp, the toughest of ‘bridezillas’, the best of commercial ads and the craziest of DnDs. I’m so happy to be working together with her on a major project now – I’m the photographer and she’s the make-up artist.

374560_10151521124572710_529156959_n (600x600)

You can view her works on Facebook on her Jing Lim page or on Instagram at @veraveralim, but I totally believe in her because of how she is able to turn plain ol’ me into looking somewhat decent with make-up. I’ve had horror stories of make-up artists shaving off half my eyebrow or turning me into some Chinese opera singer, but Jing knows what colours suit me and I’m impressed with her detail for perfection.

1005439_10151721663502710_878603628_n (600x600)

You know how I seldom put on make-up, but this is how she has worked her brushes and palettes on me:


Cheryl-2 copy (450x600)

ZUR_2054 copy (399x600)


Cheryl with pillar 2 (442x600)

IMG_0745 (600x424)

IMG_0437 (600x421)

virgindriver1 (600x337)

Thank you for the great work Jing, here’s to more awesome years of friendship and make-up!

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