[PHOTOSHOOT] Jessica Sinclair

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Jessica Sinclair – daughter of former female bodybuilding champion Jojo Sinclair – suffered from scoliosis since she was a kid, but it never affected her daily life until last year. She was just cutting apples in the kitchen when a sneeze knocked her down to the floor with a resounding crack in the back. Her scoliosis had reached its breaking point and she was in so much pain that she could not even sit up.

It was either she go for surgery or attempt to heal it naturally by taking up something ‘softer’ like yoga or Pilates, as opposed to the combat sports she was doing then. Not wanting to go through surgery of course, Jessica left her real estate job and went straight for a 500-hour yoga instructor course and it changed her life completely. Her back healed, the pain is gone and she does not need surgery anymore. From not being able to touch her toes, she is now able to twist and turn her body into complex poses as seen in the pictures above.

Inspired, she set up a yoga school calledĀ IHA Yoga in March, wanting “to helpĀ people improve physically and also overcome their mental barriers”.

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