Geared up to fight… with Stephen Langdown

ONE Fighting Championship bantamweight Stephen Langdown takes us through the full set of gear he uses for his training and fights.

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MMA Gloves: Used for sparring and pad work in MMA; used for MMA fights

Boxing Gloves: Used for sparring and pad work in boxing and Muay Thai

Hand Wraps: Worn under boxing gloves to support the knuckles and wrists

Head Guard: For use in sparring for boxing or Muay Thai to prevent cuts and swelling

Shin Pads: Used in Muay Thai sparring to prevent excessive damage to sparring partner and swelling of shins

Gi: The uniform for Brazilian Jiu-jitsu; belt signifies rank.

Mouth Guard: To absorb shock and protect the teeth upon impact to the jaw

Cup: To protect the family jewels in the case of a low blow

Rash Guard: To prevent abrasions when training; most commonly used in BJJ

Fight Shorts: Shorts worn during fights. Each fighter has different preferences but I prefer board shorts as they are the most comfortable.

Muay Thai Shorts: Usually handmade with satin, has extra-wide leg room for greater ease of movement during kicks and knees, has elastic waistband with drawstring for good fit

*This was first published in FHM Singapore and is reproduced with permission.