Ironman Malaysia 2018: I AM AN IRONMAN!

“CHERYL TAY, YOU’RE AN IRONMAN!” Wow, these words felt like a million bucks when I crossed the finish line after a long day of having my physical and mental limits tested. Hence I couldn’t hold back the tears when I finished :’( At the start of this year, I decided that 2018 will be the […]

How I managed my plantar fasciitis

One of an athlete’s worst fears is getting injured, because it disrupts training and affects progress. Unfortunately, sometimes injury strikes and we are forced to work around it. If you do get injured, focus on recovering and stop training if you have to. Do your rehab and get back on your feet asap, instead of […]

My Naked Truth.

As I turn 32 today, I decided I want to share my Naked Truth… hence the idea of doing a ‘naked’ shoot. Boy it took some balls to do this shoot, but I didn’t feel awkward at all during the shoot because I felt very comfortable with my body. These photos represent everything I stand […]

Ironman 70.3 World Championship 2018, Nelson Mandela Bay

This race certainly took a lot out of me and it was a very humbling experience on all counts. The race was tough, the toughest I’ve raced thus far and I was out of my comfort zone for the entire race  (taking ‘Get out of your comfort zone!’ to a whole new level!). I slipped […]

Ironman 70.3 Cebu 2018

A journey without challenges and obstacles will not show you how much more there is to yourself. Each time you run into a setback, get up, dust yourself off and get going. While we want a smooth and easy life, we wouldn’t know how to appreciate the sweet times without going through the tough times. […]

Sometimes, I suit up differently.

You see me in a trisuit all the time, well almost all the time, but this is probably one of the rare times (or even the first time) you see me in a real suit. This is a tailored suit by Stitched Custom, where you can (as the name suggests) customise your own suit. I’m […]

Training for triathlons in Singapore

I’ve been training for Ironman 70.3 triathlons for two years now and all the training is done in Singapore where I live (have lived all my life actually), with the exceptions of a few week-long training camps in Phuket previously. I’ve also gone for holidays in Australia, Finland and most recently Switzerland, where I’ve taken […]

Learning to love, all over again

At one point, you feel so broken that you actually believe you may never love again. This stems from a sense of fear deep inside you, a fear of getting hurt. It’s a form of self-protection, an activation of your self-defence mechanism – you don’t want to go through that pain, never again. You tell […]

Rock The Naked Truth x Specialized cycling jersey

This was one secret that I’ve been keeping for a few months and I was absolutely bursting to share with you guys! I always thought that having a Rock The Naked Truth cycling jersey would be really cool, so when this opportunity came around I was totally down for it. The inspiration for the design […]