[PHOTOSHOOT BTS] Team BSN athlete Samuel Lim

Samuel Lim, more affectionately known as Uncle Sam (@thatunclesam), is the face of CrossFit Fire City – duh, he owns it. I tried classes there before and I’ve interviewed Sam previously, but this time I was back to shoot him for BSN Singapore’s advertising campaign in 2015. (He is a Team BSN athlete in case you didn’t know.) Because we already know each other, the shoot was easy to conduct and we were even catching up between shots, LOL!

Uncle Sam is a strong guy but he works out with an expressionless face, which borders on looking bored sometimes! Unfortunately, I cannot show you all of the finished shots (except the one in the header pic of this post) but here are some behind-the-scenes shots that are bound to crack you up!

CTT_6285 (600x400)

CTT_6412 (400x600)

CTT_6443 (400x600)

samuel candid (600x565)

CTT_6532 (600x400)

CTT_6561 (600x400)

CTT_6573 (600x400)

CTT_6702 (600x400)