Goodbye, Golf

It was harder to say goodbye to the Golf than I expected. I mean, nobody likes goodbyes and this was a goodbye I wish I didn’t have to do. I got the Volkswagen Golf 1.4 TSI back in August 2015 and it was my first Continental car (before that it was the Mitsubishi Lancer GLX […]

The N*ked Athlete

After finding confidence in myself and my body, I’ve gotten out of my comfort zone and done these strategically ‘nude’ shoots before (the first time here and the second time with Singapore Women’s Weekly), but I like to keep pushing boundaries. And I’ll always be eternally grateful to Ivan Joshua Loh going with my crazy […]

Rock The Naked Truth x Our Bralette Club 2020

When I first came across Our Bralette Club, I was really excited to see how inclusive they were as a brand, with their models of different shapes and sizes. I knew I had to work with them on a body positivity campaign for Rock The Naked Truth and that was how ‘Dare to Bare‘ came […]

Me Too.

This is something I’ve been holding deep inside me for well over a decade, something I have never talked about publicly or hardly to anyone for that matter. And as I type this now, I am actually feeling quite nervous and wondering if I should click the Share button. But watching ‘Athlete A’, the Netflix […]

What I learnt about riding a motorbike

I’ve had my motorbike for 4 months-ish now, and although I haven’t been able to ride it as much as I want because of stay-home regulations previously, I’ve had some interesting things I learnt about riding in Singapore. 1) You have to ride with the mindset that every vehicle can take you out. Especially with […]

Rock The Naked Truth x GOYA x Stand

What do you stand for? This is the title of this campaign, a joint effort by Rock The Naked Truth, GOYA and Stand. When I first spoke to Sabrina (co-founder of GOYA) and Eilania (founder of STAND), I could feel their passion – how they each have a dream and plucked up the courage to […]

My sister got married!

In one year, I had bridesmaid duty for two weddings – one for Carrie and the other as maid-of-honour for my (only) sister. I finally got around to going through all the photos of their wedding so I could write this. Looking at the situation this year, it was fortunate that they held their wedding […]

Tell me more about Pruvit and more FAQ

I shared about how Pruvit aided my transformation, by not only improving my body composition but also boosting my energy levels. Now, allow me to talk more about it and also answer your questions! Q: What is Pruvit? Pruvit is an exogenous ketone supplement that puts your body into ketosis without having to follow a […]

Pruvit helped my transformation

If you have been following me on Instagram, you might have noticed that I have leaned out significantly in the past three months. By significantly, I mean down by 5% body fat and 4kg. It all started with an experiment. I was feeling sluggish and fatigued often, and I know it has to do with […]

Rock The Naked Truth x sloggi GO Allround

Today I celebrated International Women’s Day in a very interesting way, literally in my underwear in front of a room of strangers. As part of GRITYARD’s Women’s Day event, Rock The Naked Truth and sloggi had a self-confidence segment where 5 of us (in the latest sloggi GO Allround) talked to the audience about our struggles with […]