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What I learnt about riding a motorbike

I’ve had my motorbike for 4 months-ish now, and although I haven’t been able to ride it as much as I want because of stay-home regulations previously, I’ve had some interesting things I learnt about riding in Singapore.

1) You have to ride with the mindset that every vehicle can take you out. Especially with our city traffic! People just don’t see you.

2) It can get very cold riding in the early morning before sunrise and late at night, even colder after rain at night. You feel and smell everything too.

3) It gets SO hot when you’re at the stoplight with the sun beating down on you.

4) I don’t have the distraction of the phone so I have my full attention on the roads.

5) Not every shopping mall has parking for motorbikes.

6) At petrol stations, you top up your own fuel; the attendants won’t come and help you. Full tank is only $15 for my bike!

7) There are very few bike wash places, unlike cars which have car wash services in many petrol stations.

8) The underground tunnels like KPE are really warm and stuffy. When you exit, the cool air feels amazing.

9) Commute time is faster as you can “squeeze” your way in traffic. But be careful please!

10) Motorcyclists are friendly! I’ve had a few people talk to me at stoplights.

11) My right hand will cramp and become numb after holding onto the throttle for a while, especially on long expressway trips.

Anything you wanna share about your motorbike experiences?