My 5 best moments of 2017

And here it is, another year gone by in a blink of the eye and I’m wondering what I’ve done with those 12 months! Every year I find myself saying that, and every year I’m amazed at how time flew by. I like to scroll through my Instagram feed and do a quick recap of […]

Ironman 70.3 Phuket 2017: Back where it all started

I chose to return to Phuket for my last race of the year because I wanted to 1) celebrate the first anniversary of my 70.3 journey at the same place, 2) race alongside my Z-Coaching teammates and 3) do the course again with Queen Bitch II this time. Honestly I wasn’t expecting such a tough […]

Life of a Lifestyle Athlete.

Almost a year since I took part in my first ever Ironman 70.3 triathlon here in Phuket and what the heck, time has really flown by. Last year at this exact same time I was jiggly nervous about my virgin 70.3 (and also excited). I come with a different bag of emotions now, after going […]

113 TriFactor Bike-Run-Bike Melaka 2017: Most forgiving race thus far

WHEWW! A different type of Sunday I had yesterday – 1st in age group (called Youth Open for 25-34 yo) and 2nd overall for Women at today’s 113-TriFactor Bike-Run-Bike Melaka!! I’ve actually always wanted to try this bike-run-bike format. TriFactor has this format in Singapore (shorter distance though) but I’ve always had clashes with the […]

City60 Bike-Run Challenge: Just get through it

Some days you just don’t feel it and the City60 Bike-Run Challenge was one of those days for me. I signed up for the City60 category which consists of a 7km run, 46km bike and 7km run. It’s a new race by Metasport and also, I thought it would be cool to wrap the week […]


About a month ago, I was on the verge of a burnout. I just kept feeling very fatigued – physically, mentally, emotionally. It just felt overwhelming. Everyone was quick to point out that it was my triathlon training that was wearing me down, but I realised it wasn’t so much of the physical. It was […]

Singapore’s popular fitness influencers (female) on Instagram

I thought I would just do up a list of the popular (female) fitness influencers in Singapore – well, those that I am familiar with. Listed according to their reach on Instagram (of more than ~10,000), I defined ‘fitness influencer’ as someone who has about 50% of their posts related to fitness. If I’ve missed out […]

The Tinder experience.

I was leading the happy single and independent life, but one day I couldn’t help thinking if there was a problem with me and why no one was asking me out (just an innocent random thought). I concluded that I just wasn’t meeting the right people. The guys around me are either married, dating, not interested in […]

You will love again.

Someone told me this last year, when I was at my low point and broken and skeptical about love – that I would love again. After a breakup, you go through this emo-nana heartbroken phrase where you feel like you’re never gonna love again, you question if you will ever find another man who will […]


The blinding headlights were flashing, the horn was blaring into the moist air of the post-rain dawn and I could hear the brakes screeching (jarringly) as if they were desperately clawing deep into the tarmac to find grip in the wet. My heart was in my throat – the container truck was headed straight for […]