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Weirdest things people ask of PTs

Personal trainers (PTs) are defined as fitness professionals who coach, train, instruct their clients in training and for some, in nutrition as well. The most common reason people want trainers for is to lose weight, others want to get six-pack abs. Instead of exploring the top reasons people want PTs for, here are some of the weirdest requests or incidents that PTs in Singapore get:

Jason Chee (@jasonch33)

27, Manhunt Singapore 2012 winner, PT for 6 years


This high-profiled fitness buff often gets people sending him their naked photos and asking for tips to train shoulders, but these two incidents take the cake.

“There was once a pretty girl who messaged me on Instagram and asked me to train her at her house. She also asked for ‘extra’, saying she will need sex sometimes and will pay more for it. I didn’t take her up as a client of course; in fact I think it might be fake.”

“In another incident,  there was this guy who said he has a budget of S$300 per session but he and I must both be in underwear when I train him so that I will be able to see his muscles move.”

Jasmine Danker (@jasminedanker)

25, PT for 6 years


“I had a male client who sends me soft toys, letters and emails whenever he travels and I passed it off as a friendly gesture as I do get gifts from other clients too. Then one day he turned up for a session and yelled at me for being rude and not replying to his messages. He was furious that he ‘made it obvious’ but I didn’t get the hint. He even wanted to pay me to go out with him but I refused. From then on, he would sulk at every session and he seemed to want to talk more than train so I eventually passed him on to another trainer as things got awkward. However, he seemed to know where I hang out and would linger around the area to try and chat me up like nothing happened. I tried to talk to him nicely but I had to block all his calls in the end. Guess what? Three weeks ago he emailed me again to ask if I’m still taking clients. Seriously!”

Lai Wee Kiat (@fabodylous)

24, Mr Kuala Lumpur 2013, PT for 3 years

laiweekiat (600x450)

It’s common to have people ask for six-pack abs but when they start asking where you stay, what type of underwear you use.. then it gets creepy. This is an example from Lai Wee Kiat:


Limaran Agustina (@limaranagustina)

27, PT for 3 years


“I was training at a client’s condo gym and this random guy kept watching me, stalking our trainings. I train this client five to six times a week and each time I’m there, this random guy will ask me for my number!’

Gladys Leong (@gladys80)

34, mother of three, founder of No Flab Mommas, PT for 1 year


“It was my second week as a trainer and I was still under training. This senior trainer came up to me and said his client asked how much it would cost to engage me. I got a bit uncomfortable because his client was giving me a super sleazy look. I said S$200 per session anyway, hoping it would turn the client away, but no the client said ok he will take 10 sessions with me at my convenient timing. I didn’t take it up because I felt the client was not genuine about wanting to train.”

Thara Begum Yeo (@tharabegumyeo)

27, Southeast Asian Bodybuilding Champion (female open), PT for 5 years

tharabegumyeo (448x600)

“In my second year as a trainer, I had a female client who had an obsession with muscular women. In the initial stages, she was very friendly and took me out for lunches, as well as gave me presents for birthday and Christmas. At that time I just started dating my husband and when she found out I was seeing an Indian, she started giving prejudiced remarks against Indians. Things started to get worse – she would wait for me after work to see me off and she would observe me when I train other clients, even asking me to cancel my sessions to spend more time with her. She also started sending me late night messages. One day she asked me to quit my job and work for her, saying we can spend quality time together. Eventually, I decided to report this incident to the fitness manager (when I was working for a gym) and they replaced me with another trainer.”

Desmond Lee

29, road cycling 2003 champion, Replay triathlon champion 2005, national powerlifting champion 2012, national bodybuilding heavyweight champion 2013, PT for 7 years

IMG-20150104-WA0006 (600x400)

“My male client was doing a bent-over barbell row and he kept asking me if he bent over low enough… with a sleazy look in his eyes.”

Jiaxin Seetoh (@jiaxinseetoh)

30, Muscle Mania Asia 2014 Figure 2nd runner-up, PT for 1 year

“Once someone messaged me on Instagram to ask if he can pay me for one PT session and watch me train. !!!!! I get all sorts of weird requests, like people having fetishes for big thighs.”


PT for 7 years

“I was once stalked by a female client. She would always wait around the gym for me, to a point where I had to use the emergency exit so I could avoid her. I tried to tell her I’m married but she went to the front desk and asked more; asked who my wife is and how she looks like. Another time, a client of mine asked me if I could be a stripper for her friend’s hen’s night. No, I didn’t do it!”


PT for 2 years

“Some guy emailed me to enquire about my PT services so I gave my number for easier contact. However, when he called he asked if I did house call massages. I said no, so he said never mind but he called back again two more times to ask the same thing. He sounded strange too.”

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