Weirdest things people ask of PTs

Personal trainers (PTs) are defined as fitness professionals who coach, train, instruct their clients in training and for some, in nutrition as well. The most common reason people want trainers for is to lose weight, others want to get six-pack abs. Instead of exploring the top reasons people want PTs for, here are some of the […]

Anytime Fitness: 24/7 gyms at your convenience

Having access to a gym 24 hours sounds good and it is available in Singapore now – since last October in fact. Global 24-hour gym franchise Anytime Fitness opened its first branch in Woodlands and has opened more in MacPherson, Marine Parade Central and Jurong Gateway this year. It announced plans for 100 branches in […]

Skipping is more than you think

I recall fondly the days of my inter-class skipping competition back in primary school. It was a pretty intense period when my team and I religiously practised every day during recess and after school, perfecting our routine and trying to implement impressive moves. We did very well in the qualifying round, but the other teams […]

Couples who work out together, stay together

Since we are all in the mood for love today (well, at least the couples), I thought it would be a perfect time to talk about how there are great benefits for couples who work out together. I am a total advocate for this – in fact, I just ran the MediaCorp Hong Bao Run […]