8 strength & conditioning gyms you should try in Singapore

Train your body as the machine, not with machines Keep your training raw and rough with these gyms You don’t need fanciful machines to train. Sometimes I get overwhelmed by the influx of advanced machines in globo gyms especially. For example, it’s not just TV that you can watch while running on the treadmill. Now […]

Drink real smoothies at Ritual’s Fuel Bar

I love smoothies, or shakes as some may call them, because they are easy to consume and they can taste really good if you do them right. Lately, there are many juice bars popping up, offering healthy smoothies and shakes. However, commercially-available smoothies may not be as healthy as portrayed as they can be overloaded […]

Amirrudin Ong Soon Hua, bodybuilder & trainer

Amirrudin Ong Soon Hua (Muslim convert) is a coach at Ritual – that’s how I know him. He is competing in the 12th Southeast Asian Bodybuilding Championships this weekend and I promised him a photoshoot if he qualifies for this. This was taken two days before the showdown, so he is not at his ultimate […]

One FC fighter Brad Robinson loses over 60kg for MMA

Nobody likes to be fat and nobody likes to be told that they are fat either. After he moved to Singapore in 2007, Brad Robinson hit his heaviest weight ever – he was a hefty 1.83-metre-tall 150kg American high-ranking managing partner in the corporate world. His waistline was 54 inches and he needed tailor-made pants for that. Blame the […]

“Train for a stronger tomorrow”, says Shrek, Master Coach of Ritual

What are your objectives for training? To lose weight, to stay healthy, to ease the guilt from over-indulging, to relieve stress, to feel good after sweating it out? For Shrek (whose real name is Muhammad Ismail), he feels that people in general should approach working out for a better and stronger tomorrow. The 31-year-old Master […]

Lose weight with Ritual’s Grub Guide

Besides just providing you the complete convenience to work out (by taking away as many excuses possible), the other thing I like about Ritual is how it also provides FREE nutritional advice. Ian and Brad (owners of Ritual) believe that the most efficient exercise will not help you to reach your full health, strength, endurance […]

Ritual vs. R.I.O.T.

HIIT (high intensity interval training) is increasingly getting popular as people start to realise and understand its benefits. HIIT has already existed in exercise programmes – for example, when you do 10 x 100-metre sprints, that’s HIIT! These days though, gyms offer pure HIIT classes, typically lasting no longer than 30 minutes, eg. Virgin Active […]

5 reasons why I made Ritual my daily ritual

You know how they say absence makes the heart grow fonder? And that sometimes you need to go away in order to realise how much something means to you? That’s how I feel about Ritual, as I’m 6,000 over miles away from home right now. I’m a pretty spontaneous person by nature and I’m perfectly […]