Lose weight with Ritual’s Grub Guide

Besides just providing you the complete convenience to work out (by taking away as many excuses possible), the other thing I like about Ritual is how it also provides FREE nutritional advice. Ian and Brad (owners of Ritual) believe that the most efficient exercise will not help you to reach your full health, strength, endurance and fat loss potential. Nutrition plays a huge part, thus they came up with the Ritual Grub Guide that is available for all members.

There are three phases and the first one is a four-week reset to help you get in tune with your body. We eat too much processed foods, we are addicted to sugar and we end up not eating enough real food.  Everything in the Grub Guide requires only real food and to be frank, the first phase is the hardest! These first four weeks have NO cheat meals so you have to make sure you remain disciplined! For a junk foodie like me with a binge eating habit, boy did I struggle during this phase.

Here’s what Phase 1 looks like:

grubguide1_2 (600x424)

The reason for doing a harsh abstinence (totally NO cheat meals) is to help you kick your addiction, especially to sugar. So, find a block of four weeks where you have no major dining functions or events. Also, tell your family and friends so that they will support you instead of telling you things like, “Aiyah, diet what diet, eating a bit won’t hurt”. Yes, eating some ice cream and fries is ok (and there will be cheat meals in the next phase) but for the first four weeks, just stay away!

I managed to successfully avoid processed foods and junk food for four weeks. If I can do it, you can do it too. But please don’t burst once you complete it and go on a rampage! After I completed Phase 1, I found myself craving for sugar less and when I did have my cheat meals, my body ‘rejected’ it. I didn’t feel good eating them and I passed them out quite quickly (shall not share anymore graphic details!). When we learn to eat well, we will find ourselves having improved energy levels so you can go about doing your daily activities better.


During Phase 1, you can only drink water and unsweetened tea or coffee. Try to stay off alcohol as well. To be frank, I failed a few times before I finally managed to stick it through the four weeks. I would be good for five, seven, 15 days, and then I would cave in to cookies, chocolate or  Quest bar. Just repeat that week again if that happens – for example, if you have too much carbs during Week 3, just repeat Week 3 again. I did completely fall off the wagon and ate crap for a few days, so I had to restart at Week 1 again. We are humans, we have our cravings; don’t beat yourself up if you can’t stick to it. Take a break if you need to and then start again.

It is recommended to eat three meals a day at roughly the same times each day. If you need to have a snack, take two thumbs of unsalted almonds or a fist of veggies. But try to drink water first – you might be thirsty instead of hungry. Why am I talking in terms of thumbs and fist? That’s how the food is being measured on the Grub Guide – thumb, palm, fist. This is a good way of measuring food portions as it is self-regulating – a bigger person has bigger hands right? Nope, there is no calorie counting involved!

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You will ease yourself into the plan during the first week, filling up with more protein and vegetables to keep yourself full. The second week is when sh*t gets real and there is no sugar, no gluten, no alcohol. Carbs are completely eliminated on the third week so that your body is forced to use fat for energy. The last week of Phase 1 has completely no carbs and no dairy so that your body will rely on good fat for energy.

Ok, for the full guide, you can download Phase 1 of the Grub Guide here or watch the videos on HealthyMeTV.sg here. You will be taught how much to eat and also why you are eating that way.

*Disclaimer: Information provided is not to be followed without prior approval of your physician. If you decide to use this information without seeking consent of a physician, you agree to bear full responsibility for your decision.