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5 common misconceptions about MMA fighters

Three-time middleweight world champion and Vice President of ONE FC Rich Franklin talks about the five common misconceptions about MMA fighters When I am introduced to someone as a professional fighter, I love seeing them mentally rework the perceived notion they had of a mixed martial artist. Simply, I don’t fall into the category of […]

Best shots of ONE FC 2014

2014, I was really lucky to get the role of ONE Fighting Championship’s (ONE FC) official photographer. 11 different events we went and here are my Top 10 best shots from the 2014 season: 1. ONE FC: WARRIOR’S WAY (Manila, December 2014) – Timofey Nastyukhin knocked Eduard Folayang out with a vicious flying knee on […]

Geared up to fight… with Stephen Langdown

ONE Fighting Championship bantamweight Stephen Langdown takes us through the full set of gear he uses for his training and fights. MMA Gloves: Used for sparring and pad work in MMA; used for MMA fights Boxing Gloves: Used for sparring and pad work in boxing and Muay Thai Hand Wraps: Worn under boxing gloves to […]

Rich Franklin: How to be a champion in life

Three-time Middleweight World Champion in mixed martial arts and ONE Fighting Championship‘s Vice President, Rich Franklin shares important lessons on how to be a champion in life, and not just within the sport. Here are five tips from the man himself: 1) Don’t confuse goals with motivation Know the difference between your goals and your motivation – […]

Train like a warrior with Brad Robinson

ONE FC’s Brad Robinson of Oklahoma, now based in Singapore, underwent an incredible transformation to lose nearly half of his weight (from 150kg to 84kg) and become the professional mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter he is today. With a passion in martial arts, fitness and nutrition, the 34-year-old ‘Vanilla Gorilla’ left his high-ranking position in […]

[PHOTOSHOOT] Malaysia’s first female MMA fighter Ann Osman

Typically, my advice is to avoid approaching any fighters during the 24-hour window before the weigh-in. At this point, they are either grumpy, sleepy or angsty and probably not a lot of fun due to the lack of food and water – well, except for one. She was in a pretty white dress in full […]

The Fighter Series: 5 tips to help you overcome adversity in life

In life, we inevitably face adversity. It could be the loss of a loved one or being in a financially challenging position. As a mixed martial artist, Eddie Ng, ONE Fighting Championship (ONE FC) top lightweight contender and Berocca ambassador, faces adversity such as injury and defeat. How does he overcome them and stay strong? […]

8 life lessons we can learn from Mixed Martial Arts

If you haven’t already noticed, I have been pretty involved in mixed martial arts (MMA) lately, mainly following Asia’s largest MMA promotion ONE Fighting Championship (ONE FC) on its multi-city tour to places like Malaysia, Cambodia, Dubai, Taiwan and Indonesia. I have the absolute privilege of being their official photographer and watching some of the […]

5 hottest female fighters in Asian MMA

Sometimes, sometimes I do daydream of fighting; like getting into a mixed martial arts (MMA) cage and displaying an arsenal of multi-faceted fighting skills. HA, sadly I possess none of that except maybe a few jabs and crosses with a few kicks or knees. So, you can imagine how envious I am of these five […]