Best shots of ONE FC 2014

2014, I was really lucky to get the role of ONE Fighting Championship’s (ONE FC) official photographer. 11 different events we went and here are my Top 10 best shots from the 2014 season:

1. ONE FC: WARRIOR’S WAY (Manila, December 2014) – Timofey Nastyukhin knocked Eduard Folayang out with a vicious flying knee on his ONE FC debut.

Best shots of 2014 (1) (600x400)

2. ONE FC: WAR OF NATIONS (Kuala Lumpur, March 2014) – Ariel Sexton going airborne to give Kamal Shalorus a knee in the head.

Best shots of 2014 (2) (600x400)

3. ONE FC: ERA OF CHAMPIONS (Jakarta, June 2014) – Geje Eustaquio getting a good flying kick at Kentaro Watanabe.

Best shots of 2014 (3) (600x400)

4. ONE FC: ERA OF CHAMPIONS (Jakarta, June 2014) – Adriano Moraes gives Kosuke Suzuki one of his signature flying kicks.

Best shots of 2014 (4) (600x400)

5. ONE FC: BATTLE OF LIONS (Singapore, November 2014) – Igor Svirid delivered a devastating blow to Leandro Ataides that ended the ONE FC Middleweight World Championship title fight in just 17 seconds.

Best shots of 2014 (5) (600x400)

6. ONE FC: HONOR & GLORY (Singapore, May 2014) – Vincent Latoel caused one of the biggest upsets of the night when he defeated Eddie Ng and broke the latter’s five-fight winning streak.

Best shots of 2014 (6) (600x403)

7. ONE FC: ROAR OF TIGERS (Kuala Lumpur, October 2014) – Dejdamrong sor Amnuaysirichoke is a three-time Muay Thai World Champion who successfully transitioned into MMA by adopting a rapidly evolving ground game. Here, he finished Saiful Merican with a submission via rear naked choke.

Best shots of 2014 (7) (600x400)

8. ONE FC: ROAR OF TIGERS (Kuala Lumpur, October 2014) – MMA darling Ann Osman fought for the first time on home ground and convincingly defeated Jeet Toshi, to the delight of her roaring fans in the stadium.

Best shots of 2014 (8) (400x600)

9. ONE FC: WARRIOR’S WAY (Manila, December 2014) – International MMA superstar Brandon Vera created big waves in the Asian MMA scene with his first fight ever in his home country. The crowd went wild when Vera thrashed Manila-based Igor Subora.

Best shots of 2014 (9) (600x400)

10. ONE FC: REIGN OF CHAMPIONS (Dubai, August 2014) – Narantungalag Jadambaa landing a kick in Koji Oishi’s face during the ONE FC Featherweight World Championship title fight.

Best shots of 2014 (10) (600x400)

Here’s to more awesome shots in 2015!