We celebrated Rock The Naked Truth’s 3rd anniversary today – yes, it’s been three years of me nagging at people to love their bodies properly and take care of themselves better.

I feel like I’ve said time flies too often, but it is true, sometimes I don’t know how the hours and minutes go by so quickly. I still recall the launch at Bugis Junction in January 2016, where I was wearing the exact same grey tank top I wore today. And then in a blink of an eye, we are 3!

Whenever I do a recap of the year that just went by, I always feel like I could do more and I always want to do more. And I will try my best to do what I can – to continue spreading the message of body positivity through whatever means I can! If you have any ideas or ways on how to collaborate or contribute, please feel free to hit me up and chat. I’m always looking for more ways to get this message across.

The #ROCKfam is mainly centred around ROCKrunners, our running club that meets twice a week on Tuesdays at 7pm and Saturdays at 7.30am. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or seasoned in running, we welcome all. Our motto is simply to run happy!

We also have a ROCKtri programme, which consists of monthly workshops, to help you get more familiar with the world of multisport and meet more like-minded people. For 2018 we had four workshops and a mini aquathlon race!

And here are some highlights for RTNT in 2018:

Our first event of the year is usually our anniversary celebration. Last year when we turned 2, we did ROCKrace (a la Amazing Race), a 5km run around Marina Bay where teams were given clues to complete the required challenges.

And then some of us became underwear models for a day when we modelled for sloggi’s Zero Feel collection. It really, really makes my heart so full to have brands like sloggi believe in us and what we are doing.

Oops, NSFW, I literally got naked for a series of photos for the What’s Your Naked Truth? campaign which encouraged people to share their raw stories about any struggles, obstacles or adversities they are facing in life.

ROCKrunners also partnered up with AXA Game Changer to offer weekly runs and monthly workouts as a means of giving back to the community and encourage people to lead a healthy and active lifestyle.

For the month of December, we featured a series of beneficiaries from Association of Persons with Special Needs (APSN). We hope that reading their stories will give you inspiration.

And then we launched a vegan cake with That Vegan Cake. The cake is literally called Rock The Naked Truth and you can order it! See the “rocks” on the top of the cake? Heh.

We also had a pretty big year in merchandise, launching our limited edition Specialized x Rock The Naked Truth cycling kit and water bottle (we won’t be reproducing these anymore!), 2XU x Rock The Naked Truth trisuit and the Specialized x Work Hard Dream Big tops.

I also gave a few talks. Always happy to come to your school or organisation to share!

ROCKrunners ran the SCSM Women Squad programme again this year, with more sessions which means more fun! LOL.

Now I leave you with some photos from our 3rd anniversary event this morning! We had a 4 x 1km relay and then a 500m kids sprint, which was SO SO CUTE omg. It was cake cutting, prize giving and lucky draw after. Congrats to all winners of the relay and the lucky draw! But hey, everyone is a winner too because we all have these wonderful bodies that allow us to do what we want. Be proud of your bodies and what it can achieve ok? Stop comparing yourself to others and setting limits on yourselves. There’s more to life than your appearance or the digits on the scale. OWN YOUR LIFE!

More photos on the RTNT Facebook page here. And of course, without our sponsors this event wouldn’t have been possible. Thank you Reebok, NeueFit, Volvic, Pocari Sweat, Jaybird, Leader Radio Technologies, Fitness Ration and That Vegan Cake. Thank you for all the love!

Special thanks go to the organising committee as well, for assisting me with the planning and coming out early to help set up!

Lastly, thank YOU for joining us on our special day and we hope to see you soon! 😀