sloggi x Rock The Naked Truth

For a long time, I was so obsessed with wanting to be skinny. I felt that being skinny would make me popular and accepted. So for half my life (ok la I’m only 32 this year), my whole life was all about being skinny – starving myself, exercising excessively, taking slimming pills, weighing myself nonstop, counting calories, hurting myself whenever my weight went up, losing good friendships, hiding at home because I was ashamed to go out.

It took me years to get out of that mindset and I’m so glad I did. Because now I think the body is a beautiful machine that can be pushed past limits again and again, as long as the mind wants it… Like in the Ironman 70.3 triathlons I do now.

And then I started Rock The Naked Truth (RTNT) to reach out to others who are also struggling with their bodies and self-esteem. Today, I am so so so so so proud to share that RTNT has collaborated with sloggi Singapore to present their latest Zero Feel collection for Spring Summer – with real women, real bodies, real curves.

Honestly this is a HUGE step for us, after what we have gone through over the years (incl. eating disorders, a divorce, physical abuse and more). Standing in front of an audience of strangers in our panties is certainly daunting, but the 4 of us have come this far in our journeys of self-love. And that’s progress.

It was a rough journey we took to finally accept our bodies for what they are, but it’s not impossible and you’re not alone. Days of extreme dieting, extreme exercising, self-harm, withdrawal due to shame and deep self-loathing are now behind us.

I’m not saying all of you have to start running out in your panties now, but I hope you can find that courage to love your body and learn to appreciate what it can do for you. I mean, look, we women can bring life to this earth through childbirth. We were previously afraid of showing my stomach (we wouldn’t even wear a bikini at the beach!), so we hope our little act of bravery can give you some strength and courage.

This collaboration has a lot of synergy, as both sloggi and Rock The Naked Truth believe in shedding stereotypes. We both believe in being comfortable in our own skin and where there’s no ideal body type, there is no one bra for all. With Zero Feel, it means no more angry red marks on the skin, no more awkward bulges. You have to try this to know what we mean – it’s super comfortable and lightweight, like wearing nothing! Colours for this Spring Summer collection are fresh too.

Oh, it was quite an experience for me as well, because I was the host for the event. So one moment I was in this beautiful dress and shiny stilettos addressing the room, and the next moment I was running into the room with a bunch of balloons in my panties. LOL x 100.

You know what? Now, if I could, I would just run around everywhere in my panties but I don’t wanna get into trouble with the law lah. Heehee.

Thank you sloggi for believing in RTNT and the message we share. The road to self-love can be tough but hey, it will be worth it.