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The Wedding

OUR WEDDING HIGHLIGHTS! Oh, what I would give to turn back time and relive the night!!! This video took 10 revisions before I was finally happy with it, so if you have 5 minutes and 42 seconds to spare, watch this and hopefully you will feel some of the magic I felt.

Catch glimpses of how I messed up the vows (LOL), rriley and Haneri singing our march-in song live, Grace dancing and singing (RARE), Benjamin Kheng and rriley rapping (aka Rihanna and Beyonce from Yishun), Paul Foster singing our closing song with impromptu made up lyrics… Arcade games (DDR, Daytona, Bishi Bashi etc), pool table, beer pong, karaoke, free flow alcohol, Asian buffet spread, pick ‘n’ mix old school biscuit corner as our wedding favour, cake lovingly baked by Choy Wan, damn good cookies and brownies from Sea Salty Bakes (that got wiped out), balloons from Balloon Blasters, decor by my bridesmaids from 8am in the morning, super professional + a tad crazy emcee Chew Soo Wei… it was SO FUN!!!

This was truly the wedding we wanted and I was so happy that it finally happened, the way we wanted it with our chosen family around us. My parents were not there, because I did not tell them about it. Thus out of respect, I did not invite my uncles and aunties too, but my cousins were there in full force. Of course I wished my parents were there, but that’s a battle for another day.

Thank you again to everyone who made our special night MORE special ♥️♥️♥️