Recover faster or lose weight by tricking your body into freezing

I’ve never been very good in the cold, so the idea of stepping semi-naked into a chamber and taking the body to -200 degrees Celsius was not very appealing initially. However, it wasn’t as scary or or bad as you might have thought. This process is called whole body cryotherapy and it is based on […]

One FC fighter Brad Robinson loses over 60kg for MMA

Nobody likes to be fat and nobody likes to be told that they are fat either. After he moved to Singapore in 2007, Brad Robinson hit his heaviest weight ever – he was a hefty 1.83-metre-tall 150kg American high-ranking managing partner in the corporate world. His waistline was 54 inches and he needed tailor-made pants for that. Blame the […]

Fitness First cracks motivation code on exercise

Fitness First in Singapore announced the transformation of its fitness philosophy, customer service, and gyms, all of which are being re-designed around the principles of behavioural psychology. This comes as new research challenges the myth of what motivates us to exercise. Conducted on the back of its new global brand rollout, Fitness First unveiled insights […]

Lose weight with Ritual’s Grub Guide

Besides just providing you the complete convenience to work out (by taking away as many excuses possible), the other thing I like about Ritual is how it also provides FREE nutritional advice. Ian and Brad (owners of Ritual) believe that the most efficient exercise will not help you to reach your full health, strength, endurance […]

TV host Kelly Latimer finally beats the battle of the bulge

If you are a sports lover, you would know who Kelly Latimer is. She hosted the Youth Olympics in 2010, was a regular face on ESPN STAR Sports and was also the face of S. League on TV last year. If you have not already noticed, she has shaped up really well recently – after […]

Are you Fit To Win?

There is always some kind of weight loss challenge going on and one of the latest in town is called Fit To Win (FTW), a social weight loss challenge with a betting element. No you don’t gamble on who will lose the most weight, but rather, you place a bet on yourself. Similar to DietBet, […]