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[FITSPO] May & Choy Wan

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#Fitspo, to me, is defined as inspirational women leading active lifestyles. #Fitspo is not defined by the numbers on the scale, nor the digits on your measuring tape. Besides looking healthy, #Fitspo is also about having the right mindset.

When these photos first went out, there was a bit of confusion on how and why this is #Fitspo.

May and Choy, former models, used to suffer from terrible self-esteem as they were often told they were not thin enough. After suffering under societal pressures for so long, they finally broke out of that unhealthy mindset and now make it an effort to exercise three times a week.

That to me is inspirational – to come out and admit, as well as advise others against this mindset. Every body type is different; #Fitspo comes in all shapes and sizes!

Read the full interview with May and Choy on Yahoo Singapore #Fitspo of the Week here.