[FITSPO] May & Choy Wan

#Fitspo, to me, is defined as inspirational women leading active lifestyles. #Fitspo is not defined by the numbers on the scale, nor the digits on your measuring tape. Besides looking healthy, #Fitspo is also about having the right mindset. When these photos first went out, there was a bit of confusion on how and why […]

[FITSPO] Mel Tan, ONE Championship ring girl

I like how I have many hot friends that I can shoot and put up on Yahoo – and Mel Tan is one of them. I knew her through ONE Championship, from the time I shot her at the casting, to our first photoshoot on the rooftop, to flying around Asia for events. We have […]

Certified Urbanathlete: Men’s Health Urbanathlon 2015

Certified Urbanathlete I am! I finally got the opportunity to do the Men’s Health Urbanathlon and to be honest, I didn’t know what to expect as it was my first time. I’ve seen my friends’ photos from past years and also read about it often in the media, but you have to try it to […]