My best 2019 moments

Time really flies fast when you’re having fun, and when things get busy. 2019 has been an incredible year and it was so hard for me to just choose 9 best moments, so here is a roundup of my highlights of 2019: ♡ Snagged a PB at Ironman 70.3 Vietnam ♡ Qualified for the Ironman […]

Strengthening with TESLA Former

When we get injured, it is usually due to these factors – overtraining (and hence fatigue), incorrect technique or as a result of an accident. Other than the latter, the other two can be prevented. Overtraining can be solved by reducing intensity and volume to help you cope with the training load. Incorrect technique however, […]

Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon 2019

When I saw the medal that the full marathon runners received at last year’s Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon (SCSM), I was like, “Wah! I want the medal, it’s so big!” So yeah I went ahead to sign up for this year’s SCSM and I got the medal (a bloody hard-earned one)… but not without first […]

ROCKtri Ladies 2019

I started ROCKtri in 2017 as an initiative to encourage more people to get into multisport and we held monthly workshops and clinics. Then this year I decided to make it ROCKtri Ladies and focus on women only. I applied for the grant from Women For Tri and ROCKtri Ladies is one of only two […]

Rock The Naked Truth x Rentadella

Ming Bridges, the founder of Rentadella, and I both suffered from eating disorders and struggled with our body for many years. We share the same objective of wanting to help women through their insecurity issues, thus we created this campaign between Rock The Naked Truth and Rentadella. #ConfidenceIsYourSuperpower is the name of this campaign where we […]

Be Human, Be Authentic, Be YOU

This afternoon, I was part of a very meaningful panel for ‘Be Human, Be Authentic, Be YOU’, organised by Nomura. I had a lot of takeaways, even as a speaker myself. The other speakers are so unabashedly authentic about themselves and I absolutely loved the energy in the room and how we all vibed so […]

Audi A4 Miles Better Drive – to Genting and back on one tank of fuel!

When I was first presented with the proposition – to drive the Audi A4 2.0 TFSI up to Genting from Singapore and back on one tank of fuel – I immediately doubted it. “How is that possible?” I remember saying over the phone. But after 10 hours of driving and over 800km clocked, I was […]

Ironman 70.3 Malaysia 2019

After completing the full distance at Ironman Malaysia last year, I decided I would only do the half-distance this time (phew I’m glad I did lol). Coming into this race, a large part of me wanted to get it over and done with. The past few months have been quite busy with work and I’ve […]

I am on 2 podcasts!

Occasionally I like to listen to podcasts, especially when I am running on the treadmill. Somehow listening to people talk makes the time pass just a little bit quicker. And then I got the opportunity to be on TWO podcasts this year! Both podcasts are similar, telling about my struggles with my body and eating […]

PUMA x Rock The Naked Truth

Many feel insecure about going to the gym or yoga studio because we see guys with ripped physiques in tight clothes or girls sauntering around in tiny waists and sports bras. But you know what? You don’t have to be of a certain size to wear nice clothes to the gym. EVERYONE is entitled to […]