PUMA x Rock The Naked Truth

Many feel insecure about going to the gym or yoga studio because we see guys with ripped physiques in tight clothes or girls sauntering around in tiny waists and sports bras.

But you know what? You don’t have to be of a certain size to wear nice clothes to the gym. EVERYONE is entitled to wear whatever they want and go for a workout wherever they want, whenever they want to.

Rock The Naked Truth collaborated with PUMA to showcase their Autumn/Winter 2019 collection using real, fit and diverse bodies of different ages and backgrounds – and I got to photograph it!

The six models – Yao Xiang, Ivan, Terry, Amanda, Sarah and Marie – shown here each have their story of body image to tell. As part of this collab, they also did a little runway show at GRITYARD to showcase the collection, with head stylist of Love, Bonito Amanda Tan sharing tips on styling and why she dressed them this way.