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For a long time, I didn’t have the confidence to dress up, thinking that I was too fat and too undeserving of those pretty clothes. I would walk past shop window displays, see pictures in catalogs and wished that I could dress like that too. Occasionally I would muster the courage to try a dress […]

Powered by love.

The adrenalin has finally worn off and I fell asleep on my bedroom floor for 2 hours earlier. Oops! As the week wraps, I’m just letting the emotions settle as I collect my thoughts. Going into last night’s race, I was feeling nervous and excited at the same time. Last night’s Asics City Relay goes down […]

Time heals.

Two months ago, if anyone told me that I would be waking up at 3am to cycle 80km while ploughing through a thunderstorm (and praying that my eyelash extensions don’t fall off) and getting back into bed before the sun rises, I would have laughed so loud. So, I’ve learnt to NEVER SAY NEVER. The […]

#ROCKloveSG – What does self-love mean to you?

After struggling over a decade with myself, I decided to confront my inner demons and stop running away. A recent spot of darkness made me realise that I based my self-worth on the wrong things. Don’t let other people, material things or external events define you. Find your self-worth within yourself. If you can’t view […]

It’s not you

This trip down to Gold Coast is much needed, not to run away from anything but to take solid time away to heal. It hasn’t been an easy period for me the last few months dealing with the sudden breakup, but thankfully, after a week of blue skies, fluffy clouds and personal time, I gained […]