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For a long time, I didn’t have the confidence to dress up, thinking that I was too fat and too undeserving of those pretty clothes. I would walk past shop window displays, see pictures in catalogs and wished that I could dress like that too. Occasionally I would muster the courage to try a dress or two, but somehow it wouldn’t look flattering on me and I would feel discouraged again.

I recognise that it is a self-esteem issue, one that I have been struggling with for over 10 years. Thus, I went around in gym clothes all the time, looking like I was always ready to drop into a burpee or burst into a sprint anytime.

Recently, I ran into a spot of darkness in life and it gave me the will to confront my inner demons. I decided I should stop running away and just face up to all the things within me that are holding me back. It was a tough battle, but I finally emerged from the shadows and with the help of friends, I started to put effort into the way I dressed. My exercise attire became strictly for workouts and I started creating my own style of dressing.

When this opportunity with H&M came about, I was thrilled because their Fall Fashion is so aligned with my style – feminine yet with an edge. I was a little nervous for the photoshoot, because I’ve not done a shoot like that in a while and I was afraid I would turn out looking awkward. Fortunately, the Clozette team was very helpful and I LOVE the looks they created for me.



When I saw these shots, the first thought that came to me was, “Is that me? Is that really me?” I was in disbelief and then it hit me – confidence is beauty. When you stop thinking that you’re not good enough, when you stop thinking that you don’t deserve it, that’s when magic happens.

Because you are worth it.

DSC09243 Edited

I can relate very strongly to H&M’s Fall Fashion social media campaign #Ladylike, which is about femininity with a spunk. Regardless of how we all are –girly or sporty, dainty or dynamic, we all share that same feminism. Embrace it and allow your personality to show through your style.

DSC09274 Edited

This photoshoot means a lot to me because it marks a turning point in my life, where I am finally liberated from the darkness within me. I see this woman in these pictures and I can’t help feeling a sense of pride of who she has fought to become.


YOU deserve so much more than you give yourself. We all run into spots of self-doubt and uncertainty about ourselves, but don’t let it keep you down. No one is allowed to tell you how you should look or what you should be. Learn to love yourself and find your self-worth from within. You have that strength – don’t be afraid of it.

Besides these two looks allocated to me by Clozette, I’ve also gotten a chance to style my own take using the Fall Collection items on a mannequin! I appreciate how the style is so versatile and wearable.

DSC09287 Edited

You can check out the rest of the latest Fall collection that is already in stores now, or you can also see more looks from my fellow H&M Digital Ambassadors on Clozette.


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