5 reasons why you should engage home cleaning services

Getting a live-in helper is what many would ideally want, so you can have your house kept spick and span always, but some people are not comfortable with having a stranger under the same roof. The alternative is to have a cleaner come in on a regular basis, but there are times when you have […]

WTA Finals Singapore 2015 – Catching it ‘live’

Tennis is a sport that I’ve always wanted to learn, but I haven’t got around to it. I did try it once at Thanyapura Phuket and I wasn’t the most natural at it because I used to play badminton competitively, but I will pick up tennis again. Meanwhile, I have the opportunity to watch the […]

[FITSPO]: Nor Dee Dee

Can you believe she’s 43?! I didn’t quite believe her when she told me her age, but Nor is really 43 years of age. She has a strong dancing background, but also started running from a young age. All that cardio! However, she spends a large part of her day teaching fitness and yoga, on top […]

Fittest man and woman in Singapore crowned at ELITE 2015

By the time the athletes of inaugural multi-round functional fitness competition ELITE reached the sixth and final event of the day, it all came down to mental tenacity. Their muscles were burning, chests were heaving, but nobody wanted to give up. This was the Grand Finals held at Bugis Junction last Sunday, where the top […]

[FITSPO] Amanda Yew

The first thing I said to Amanda when I met her for the shoot was, “You’ve grown up.” C’mon, she was only 19 when I was introduced to her two years ago. Somehow, there was a more womanly air to her now. Maybe it’s the hair, which grew a lot longer since. Back then, she […]

Formula One Singapore Grand Prix 2015: Postcard from Marina Bay

This year’s Formula One Singapore Grand Prix was a little more exciting for me, though no less tiring. Lugging around nearly 20kg of camera equipment is no joke and by the end of three days, my back was screaming for help. Well, nothing a sports massage cannot solve, and I’m pretty happy with the shots I […]

Shell V-Power Nitro+: Starting the trial

This year marks a decade of driving for me and my car is such a significant part of me. I spend a lot of time in the car every day – driving around to my various appointments, having my meals in the car, catching a breather on a stressful day and more. My car is […]


I first heard of Liv Lo when she moved to Singapore and started StretchCity.com, before seeing her across the telly for Point of Entry 3. I think that was two years ago? I’ve always wanted to do a shoot of her and finally got the chance to when she launched her#Liv4LB yoga-inspired collection with Love Bonito. […]

My blind date with Lunch Actually

I got my makeup done, complete with falsies; I dusted the specks off my strappy heels and I slipped into my favourite all-occasion black dress. What am I dressing up to the nines for again? I asked myself as I stared in the mirror, nearly unable to recognise that woman looking back at me. That […]

Lunch Actually: Setting a match for you

To be very frank, I would have never approached a dating agency to set up matches for me. Yes, it is still a stigma in the Asian context especially and people generally feel somewhat embarrassed if they have to rely on an agency to get dates. However, when professional dating agency Lunch Actually invited me […]