[FITSPO] Caryl Lim

Petite but powerful, Caryl Lim is a Muay Thai practitioner with a couple of fights under her belt. It’s hard to find opponents of her size here, so she often has to travel overseas to compete. It all started when she wanted to do something about her sedentary lifestyle, so she joined Muay Thai. She […]

Samujana Villa 30 – Welcome to my castle

You know, after staying at Samujana Villa 30, it’s gonna be hard to top that. The panoramic views, excellent personal service and overwhelming luxury, I really got spoilt rotten in the three nights I spent there. [Read about my first impressions of it.] I wish I didn’t have to leave paradise, but reality just loves […]

[FITFIND] Farreez Rosman

I got to know Farreez through ELITE, where he impressed everyone with his crazy engine at Round 1 in April. He finished second then and further impressed everyone with his strength – pulling a crazy 245kg deadlift – to come in second again. His consistency placed him as the top qualifier and he is the […]

[FITSPO] Victoria Lim

You know how sometimes I feature my friends on Yahoo #Fitspo, but other times I make friends through Yahoo #Fitspo? Victoria is an example of the latter. I see her around in the box but I never talked to her until I decided to approach her to be featured. The friendship has been more dramatic […]

How to test drive a car

The standard test drive that car buyers get is literally just a few rounds in the showroom’s vicinity accompanied by a sales staff. It’s never enough, I feel, for anyone to properly try the car out, but that’s what we motoring journalists are for. It is our responsibility to review the car as thoroughly as […]

[FITFIND] Lionel Khoo

  National swimmer Lionel Khoo liked swimming most from a young age, amongst other sports his parents introduced him to. Currently serving his national service, Lionel is balancing his work and training. He prefers having a lean body, saying, “Guys on social media seem to want to get big and strong, but in my opinion […]

[FITSPO] Rachel Isabel Yang

Rachel added me on Facebook some years back, to a time before she got married but I never spoke to her or interacted with her in any way. I silently watched her get married, get pregnant, give birth to a son and watch him grow up. Along the way I also followed her sporting trials […]

5 things that driving changed about me

Take a moment to pause and think – What has driving taught you? Did it make you a better person or did it bring out the worst in you? Once we get behind the wheel, we immediately have a huge responsibility over us. We have to be responsible for our own safety, our passengers’ safety […]

Samujana Villa 30 – First impressions

No matter how much I love my work and how awesome the people around me are, I need my me-time and a short getaway beckons. The past few weeks have been pretty emotionally intense – at a personal level – leading me to question the authenticity of certain friendships. I’m one who will look out for […]

[FITSPO] Kelyn Lau

All I want to say about this girl can be found from her quote below: I used to dislike gaining muscle but my views on that have changed over the years. Now I enjoy gaining muscle and I want to grow more because I find it very sexy. Back then, fitness was purely just to […]