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The Wedding – Letter Reading

Upon the suggestion of our dear friend RRILEY, we handwrote letters to each other and read them out to each other before the wedding. We were not allowed to see each other until I walk down the aisle, so we did this back to back, and then I returned to the room as she headed up to the venue first.

The letter she wrote was so sweet and so touching, and you rarely get to see G’s emotions like that, which made me cry too. BUT for some reason, my nose started bleeding as she read her letter, thus you can see the little commotion behind her. She now jokes that her letter was so “powerful” that it made my nose bleed LOL.

“I can now see, without a shadow of a doubt, what the universe has conspired for me all along. It has conspired to give me a partner who is kind, generous, gentle (OF HEART), and yet strong, determined and industrious. It has conspired, most importantly of all, to give me a partner that has chosen me.

And all you ask of me, is that I am never more or less than who I am, and what I can give. You have chosen to see me fully, and that has given me the permission to allow myself to flourish, heal and forgive myself and my life in ways that I never thought I needed before.

With you, I know I can do all things, as long as we’re doing it together.

I’ve always known that love alone doesn’t maketh a relationship, but I never knew what did. Now I am confident to answer that, and it is in the power of choice. Your love and your choice has given me the courage to choose, so today, and everyday from hereon in, I choose me, I choose you and I choose us. 

You are my person and I will always choose you.”

– an excerpt from the letter that G penned to me