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Race number 2.




I’m sitting here at my computer, trying to finish up as much work as I can before I leave for Danang tomorrow. Yes, it is time for my second Ironman¬†70.3 race.

I know right – it felt like I just did my maiden half-Ironman race not too long ago, but no man, it’s been five months since!

Looking back, the mood was so different then. I was coming out of an emotional rut and I admit I initially signed up for the race (pretty much on impulse) because I wanted to prove that I could do it too.¬†But I’ve grown to love the sport for what it is, grown to love the people I’ve been meeting in this community and most importantly, this gives me added drive to my life.

Now my heart is light and fulfilled, my mind is clear and I no longer carry the burdens of the heartbreak and betrayal. Woohoo, I’m excited for this Sunday; plus the Queen Bitch is making her debut. I’ve put in the hours, I’ve come this far and I’m a lucky girl for the encouragement and faith I have from people around me including you.

We are a quarter through the year already (too fast sia) and it’s gonna be super exciting for the rest of the year as I have two more Ironman 70.3 races after this weekend, new initiatives to launch for Rock The Naked Truth and a bachelorette pad to move into.

Game on baby!