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ZF increases presence in China with new plant

Most people usually don’t wonder about where the car’s internals come from, but there is a lot of research and development (R&D) that goes behind the various parts and systems which run the car. One prominent brand that you may have heard of before is ZF, a leading worldwide automotive supplier for driveline and chassis […]

Win a free car spray from Nippon Paint Automotive

Why I made my car pink (and a chance to win a FREE full car spray from Nippon Paint): I realise it does not matter what car I drive, but it’s the colour of the car that attracts the attention. I used to have an S2000 in pink and while that gets added attention, I […]

Making my car pink-ier with Nippon Paint Automotive

I know, my car is already so pink, is it even possible to make it even more pinky than it already is? Guess what? It is possible! If you have not already observed, the kind of pink I like is a very deep shade of pink, close to rose red. I like to call it […]