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Surfin’ in Bali with Drea

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Drea and I have been talking about going on a trip together since our last one in August LAST YEAR. She’s always flying off somewhere and it’s really hard to get her so I’m glad for this chance to head to Bali for a quick surfing trip. Both of us have never surfed before so it was a lot of falling and gulping of salt water.

Drea stood up on her board pretty fast and I’m so proud of her! I have this delayed reaction between my legs and hands but I finally stood up and the balancing wasn’t a problem. I wish we had more days in Bali – three days is not enough!! I would to go surfing again. In other news, my eyelash extensions and eyebrow embroidery survived the nasty big waves that I kept crashing into.

(Awesome photos taken by Drea with my a-little-less-awesome-than-Drea Canon 1D-X)