Surfin’ in Bali with Drea

Drea and I have been talking about going on a trip together since our last one in August LAST YEAR. She’s always flying off somewhere and it’s really hard to get her so I’m glad for this chance to head to Bali for a quick surfing trip. Both of us have never surfed before so […]

[FITSPO] #Swolemates Seetoh Jiaxin and Ray Yoe

I’ve known Jia since 2013 and I’m glad we have maintained the friendship despite all the circumstances and challenges that have surrounded our friendships and the people around us. I love the forthrightness of this girl and how she is never afraid to say things as they are. I don’t see what’s wrong with her […]

6 reasons why real men should drive a stick

As much as I enjoy driving a stick-shift, it’s been a long while since I last drove one. Given a choice, I would prefer to drive a manual car daily. However, the family prefers automatic cars and unless I can afford to get my own ride in today’s market conditions, it looks like I will […]