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Shell V-Power Nitro+ fuel review

About three weeks ago, I shared that I was going to try out the new Shell V-Power Nitro+ fuel on my cosy Volkswagen Golf. I drove my car till the reserve tank blinked furiously, then filled it up with the fuel so I had a sweet full tank. I immediately felt the drive was smoother and the engine more responsive, and I begin to realise why people pay a premium for this fuel.

So what is Shell V-Power Nitro+?

It is a fuel formulated to clean and lubricate the car’s engine as you drive, bringing out its potential to operate more efficiently.

What’s the difference between the previous Shell V-Power and this V-Power Nitro+?

The Shell V-Power Nitro+ has an improved version of the Friction Modification Technology which contains 25%  more friction reducer, helping to lessen the friction between the piston assembly and cylinder wall with a coating of protective film. Reduced friction translates to less wasted energy and thus more power is generated from the fuel that is sent to the wheels.

Mae Ascan, Shell Fuels Scientist, uses Haptics & Magnetic Detergency tools to demonstrate the benefits of Shell V-Power Nitro+-2

What do I like about the new Shell V-Power Nitro+?

Less friction + cleaner engine = More power

Developed and tested with the Ferrari Formula One team, this new and improved formulation is 99% similar to the race fuel. Also its unique double action formula helps to clean your engine, deliver more power to the wheels, as well as protects vital engine parts to restore performance.

Better fuel economy

When a car is new, the engine will be clean and free of deposits, but as you use it over time, the fuel will break down and leave carbon deposits on the fuel injectors. These deposits will clog the injectors and restrict fuel flow into the cylinders, therefore affecting the fuel efficiency. The V-Power Nitro+ is able to prevent these deposits from forming and will also clean them away.

Smoother drive

The best thing I like about the V-Power Nitro+ is how smooth the drive is. I felt it from the first acceleration when I drove off from the petrol station. Many have the mindset that V-Power is for high performance cars, but this fuel is suitable for any car big or small, old or new. Think of fuel to a car like food to humans. If you feed yourself with good food, you would perform better in sports and in life.

Mae Ascan, Shell Fuels Scientist, presenting benefits of Shell V-Power Nitro+-2

Give it a try to know what I mean!

More information on the V-Power Nitro+ here.