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I passed my Class 2A test!

HELLO I CAN RIDE CLASS 2A BIKES NOW!!! YASSSSS I passed my Class 2A test (for motorbikes from 201cc to 400cc) on 21 May 2021, woohoo! Leading up to this I was really nervous (some kind of performance anxiety) and I feel silly about it now, but I’m just glad it’s over and done with, phew.

I got my Class 2B licence last year on 5 February 2020 and I had to wait for a year before I can sign up to take Class 2A. The process for Class 2A is much shorter than 2B. You have 1 theory lesson, 3 simulator sessions, orientation and 3 practical lessons, of which the third lesson is the internal assessment that you have to clear before you’re allowed to book the test.

I cleared the theory and simulator sessions before 5 February 2021 and I could go for orientation, but I was not able to book practical lesson 1 until AFTER 5 February, because it had to be after one year from when you passed 2B.

Slots for lessons were quite hard to book (probably because they are still clearing the backlog from the Circuit Breaker period) and I had to wait a month each for lessons 2 and 3.

Essentially, the 2 practical lessons are really just recaps of the course. It’s not like in 2B where you go through an entire lesson to learn each obstacle. I took revision lessons before going for Lesson 3 because I wasn’t too confident about the course. The revision lessons really helped, although I had to ask the instructor to remind me about all the little details on the course such as where to initiate the turn, where to check the blind spots, etc.

After clearing Lesson 3, I had to wait another six weeks for the test. A long wait, so I would advise getting your revision lessons in. I really wanted to pass the test on the first attempt so I spammed revision lessons. It sounds very kiasu but it really helps!

For Class 2A, there is only the circuit component for the test, no road, so the full 18 demerit points allowance is for the circuit. That makes it more forgiving compared to 2B which is 18 points for BOTH circuit and road.

The test route for 2A is largely similar to 2B, except for a different route to the slope, a steeper slope, longer times on the plank and Figure 8, and a bumpy course after the e-brake.

Reported at 6.45am on the morning of the test and there were about 30+ of us, taking the test for Class 2 and 2A. We were given two rounds of warmup at around 7.30am and then the testers arrived at 8.15am. I was #18 so by the time I commenced the test it was around 9.45am. I was done around 10am but we had to wait for the whole group to finish before waiting for the results.

This was the most painful part because we waited till 12nn for our results. The suspense was killing me so badly!

FINALLY FINALLY they announced the good news and YASSSSS I PASSED!!!

I know it’s just a motorbike licence but I worked hard for this, putting in time and effort, so the feeling of accomplishment is great. And in this tough period where there isn’t a lot to celebrate, I’m just grateful I am able to complete this goal of mine.

Thank you to my fiance Grace for the encouragement and the lifts to school, thank you to the instructors for pulling OT to give us more lesson slots and thank you Traffic Police for opening more test slots!

One more year to Class 2!