My heart is brimming, overflowing with so much love. On 16 February 2017, 100 over of us gathered to celebrate the 1st Anniversary of Rock The Naked Truth (RTNT). (The original anniversary date is 9 January 2016, but we had a belated celebration.) This is a very important milestone to me, on this journey of self-love and self-worth that I am taking.

A year ago, I started this body image movement because I wanted to spread the message of body positivity and reach out to others who are struggling too. We aren’t alone and it’s easy to get sucked under societal standards. There’s no perfect or ideal body – you are who you are and you are enough. Take care of your health well and focus on your happiness.

I will share my story again and again, for as many times as I have to, so long as I can reach out to more and more people facing similar struggles, to show them support in some way.

There’s more to RTNT than just being “another free fitness event” with “free gift”. I hope RTNT serves as a platform for you to open up and share your story, or seek comfort in knowing that you’re not alone. And then I hope you find the strength to believe that you are worth everything you dream of.

I truly hope that RTNT will continue to make a difference to your lives and remind you that YOU are enough.

Thank you Zouk, TripleFit, Wrap & Roll, Dosirak, Yeo’s, FDP Salon, 2XU, Manduka, adidas, Biotherm, Running Lab, UFit, X-Bionic, Eddie Ho of 6 Productions, Sara Wee and my ROCKrunners crew for supporting #RTNTturns1.

Here’s to many more years ahead!