KpopX Fitness: Keeping fit with your favourite K-pop songs

I’m not a K-pop fan, but I can see why it is so popular, especially with all the good-looking guys and girls, and the sexy dance moves. These dance moves are not easy to master I’m sure – they train all day all week to perfect them! Well, there is a way for you to enjoy your favourite K-pop songs and keep fit at the same time. KpopX Fitness, started in December 2012, is a dance fitness programme with only K-pop songs that you work out with.

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In a one-hour class, you can dance to about 14 K-pop songs. Each song has its own unique choreography created by founder Maddy Lim, 36, and no two songs are the same. K-pop music videos usually has a signature dance move in each song, such as Psy’s weird horse stance in Gangnam Style, so what Maddy did was simplify these moves and add on aerobic exercises to reap cardio benefits. It’s amazing how she can remember the steps to every song!

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Classes are held at community centres and are pretty affordable. The 300 participants who have signed up for KpopX Fitness include both men and women, attracting as young as five years old and as old as 65 years old. To cope with the increasing demand, Maddy has also been busy coaching instructors (there are about 40 at the moment). On top of that, she constantly develops choreographies for new songs so that she will keep having new songs to introduce to participants. You can have a look at how KpopX Fitness is like on their website before you give it a go, but if you like dance, K-pop songs and want a good workout out of it, this would suit you greatly!