[FITSPO] Rosanna Trigg




When I met gymnast Rosanna Trigg, I was really awed by the moves she pulled off, but past the impressive stunts she effortlessly pulled off, I saw something beyond that. After getting into CrossFit, I realised the importance of gymnastics. I enjoy lifting weights, but I struggle with pull-ups and handstands. Let’s not even get started on muscle-ups and handstand walks.

Well, I’m now so convinced by the benefits of gymnastics that I will enrol my kids in future into it, before they decide what sports they want to play. It’s not about doing no-hands cartwheels or splits, but about building the athleticism in the body.

Rosanna, a mother of a toddler, told me, “Doing gymnastics gave me a strong athletic base for other sports, due to its focus on full body conditioning, flexibility, coordination, balance, core strength and overall aerobic fitness. The best thing about doing gymnastics is that you are so well-trained from a young age, so if you stay active you never really lose the benefits the sport gives you. Even today in my 30s, I credit gymnastics for my overall sporting abilities and strong, athletic figure.”

So, gymnastics?

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