[FITFIND] Mark Leong



This is one good-looking chap. I remember how there was a whole group of girls shrieking for Mark when he won the gold medal for waterskiing at this year’s Southeast Asia (SEA) Games. Young, tall, handsome – what’s there not to squeal about? So I had to get him on my Yahoo #FitFind column right?

The 19-year-old took a year off from studies to focus on training for the SEA Games and it certainly paid off with the gold. Interestingly, he started playing golf as a kid before getting into water sports.

I was 10 years old when I was offered the chance to give wakeboarding a try. Since my parents had been waterskiing (a similar sport to wakeboarding) in their youth, I figured I wanted to follow in their footsteps. I always have been very curious and eager to try new sports out. I took to it immediately; Iiking the freedom and liberation one feels from executing a trick perfectly while wakeboarding.” he said.

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