[FITFIND] Daryl Cheng



Dr. Cheng, as he is cheekily nicknamed in the gym, is often teased for his body so I thought it would be fun to put him out there proper in a shirtless shoot. Daryl is only 20 years old but has a pretty crazy work capacity developed from his water polo days and now CrossFit. I really like one thing he said:

(There’s a misconception) that fitness requires an “all-or-nothing” commitment. For example, people think they have to work out X times a week and since they cannot, they just wait until they can. The journey towards fitness begins with a single step and all one has to do is to work within their means. If one can only work out once or twice a week, that is better than the guy who doesn’t try to. Work with what you can and slowly but surely, it will become a lifestyle that sees you improving yourself every day.

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