Take fish oil pills for recovery

Recovery is a very important part of training; besides resting and eating well, there is one thing that you can take to boost your recovery too – fish oil pills. Fish oil is a type of fatty acid from the tissues of oily fish – yes, as literal as that.

It has omega-3 fatty acids, including EPA and DHA, that boost health and enhances performance. In a nutshell, fish oil pills increase muscle growth, improves strength, reduces delayed-onset muscle soreness, fights negative immune effects from intensive training, strengthens your bones and also helps your heart and lung function better.

Our bodies cannot produce these fatty acids, so the only way to consume them is through eating fish or taking fish oil pills. You can eat a lot of fatty fish, but there’s only so much fish you can eat. For me, I take NutriForce’s OmegaFort which comes in the form of 1,200mg softgels. This is four times the strength of standard fish oils, containing 1,055mg of pure EPA/DHA per softgel.

I love taking this because you don’t need to take multiple softgels, unlike other brands where I was popping four to five a day. When my training intensity picks up, I take two of these 1,200mg softgels to aid recovery. OmegaFort can be found in Singapore on EPN here; key in CT10 for 10% off at checkout.

omega fort

Here are 3 reasons why fish oil pills are good for recovery:

1) Fish oil helps to burn body fat and improve metabolism

Although these are fatty acids, fish oil will not turn into fats in the body. Instead, this fat from fish oil will help to build the outer fat layer that protects our cells and hence improve activity of insulin (ie. better insulin sensitivity), which promotes metabolism.

2) Fish oil helps to build muscle

Fish oil decreases cortisol and increases protein synthesis, thus helping to promote building of muscle.

3) Fish oil decreases inflammation

Any form of inflammation in the body is bad, affecting the body’s ability to lose fat and build muscle. Fish oil is anti-inflammatory and it helps the body to eliminate quicker the waste products from burning energy, enhances anabolic properties in your muscle tissue, as well as decreases inflammatory response from intense exercise.

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