Best of Singapore Karting Championship 2014 Round 1 in pics

The first round of the Singapore Karting Championship (SKC) at Kartright Speedway a record of 15 drivers in the Cadet category. It was heartening seeing these little kids shriek and giggle off track, but get all serious when they put on their helmets and gloves. Read the race report here.

Meanwhile, here are some of my best shots from that day:

CTT_5689 (600x400)

CTT_5347 (600x400)

CTT_5452 (600x400)

CTT_5588 (600x400)

CTT_5610 (600x400)

CTT_5961 (600x400)

CTT_6059 (600x400)

CTT_6060 (600x400)

CTT_6245 (600x400)

CTT_6251 (600x400)

CTT_6415 (600x400)

CTT_6481 (600x400)

CTT_6597 (600x400)

CTT_6661 (600x400)

CTT_6804 (600x400)

CTT_7102 (600x400)

CTT_7118 (600x400)