5 tips for car show girls

What is a car show without models? Hot cars and hot girls are like white on rice – one cannot do without the other. While true enthusiasts attend motor shows for the cars, there are the depraved groups of people who are there for licentious reasons. Car show girls are the victims here, giving these perverted men lots of imagination for the night.

At the Singapore Motorshow earlier this year, it was reported in the news that one of these models caught this guy taking close-up photos of the chest and up the skirts. What outrage of modesty! To help protect girls from such incidents, some of these models (preferring to remain anonymous) have kindly shared some advice:


1) Beware of indecent angles

Look out for the angle at which the camera is tilted at – it should not be pointing too much downwards, neither should it be tilted awkwardly up between the legs. The most common indecent angles are down the cleavage or upskirt, but some guys have weird fetishes and might be taking some other body part of yours. There can be too many photographers surrounding you and it’s hard to keep track of all, but keep doing quick scans of the crowd and take note of the way the cameras are held.

2) Watch out for ‘touchy-feely’

Sometimes you might get requests from people who want to take photos with you. There’s nothing wrong with that, but be very careful with where they place their hands. Placing it on the waist or around the shoulder is the limit – but if you feel their hands sliding down towards your butt or moving up towards the side of your boobs, immediately break away and loudly exclaim “Excuse me!” If you encounter anyone pinching you in the butt, shout out for help and get security.

3) Don’t give out your contact

You might encounter ‘talent scouts’ or ‘professional photographers’ at such events, who bait you by offering potential “exciting opportunities”. Always take their name cards but never give out your number. If they seem genuine enough, you can give your email address but usually it’s best to just take their contact. You can then go back after the event and do some research on the person and his company. If credible, then go ahead and contact them at your convenience.

4) No one needs to take so many photos of you

Know when to turn away and not let a particular photographer keep on shooting you. As a photographer, I get my shot and I leave. I don’t see a need to keep walking past you 10 times and shooting you all 10 times, unless you changed outfits or struck up a pose that I missed.

5) Don’t send the wrong signals

While you’re an easy target, you should also be mindful of your own behaviour. There’s a fine line between sexy and slutty, so be careful not to emit a behaviour that is too suggestive. That sends the wrong signals to people. Also, when you strike up a pose, be more mindful of what you are exposing. Remember, the crowd may not always be in front of you.


*This was first published in Rev.