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[FITSPO] Narelle Kheng of The Sam Willows

I got to know Narelle through Sandra and she’s this sweet girl who becomes chattier the more she warms up to you. She may be the baby of her band The Sam Willows, but she has certainly seen a lot through exposure from the band’s rising popularity. Plus, she’s hot. Read about her views on fitness on […]

5 tips for car show girls

What is a car show without models? Hot cars and hot girls are like white on rice – one cannot do without the other. While true enthusiasts attend motor shows for the cars, there are the depraved groups of people who are there for licentious reasons. Car show girls are the victims here, giving these […]

These 7 fit mums rock the stage in bikinis

It takes a lot of courage for some to wear a bikini in public, but these seven mothers lift weights and don bikinis to compete on stage. They confidently wear their stretch marks and C-section folds proudly, hoping to inspire women out there. [Read the full story on Yahoo here.] Gisele Lim Age: 36 Occupation: […]