Why I created ELITE 2015 to find the fittest in Singapore

Some (hopefully, most) of you might have already heard about ELITE 2015, the event that aims to find the fittest in Singapore. I’ve been asked about my involvement, so I thought I would elaborate more on the background of ELITE 2015. I will call it my baby; heck, it is my baby. I came up […]

SPONSORED VIDEO: adidas: Take It

We live for the moment. We only have one life, so make the most out of it and own your moments. Whether you are a CEO of a top-ranking multi-national company, a national athlete or a fashion model, we have the ability to create our own moments – and that is what adidas supports and […]

Supplements have helped national powerlifter and Team EPN athlete Derrick Kim

Previously a non-believer of supplements, national powerlifter and Team EPN athlete Derrick Kim is now grateful for the introduction to whey protein, BCCA and pre-workout from Elite Pro Nutrition (EPN). “I admit I was not a fan of supplements and before, a tub of whey protein would last me four months on average. However, ever since my […]

Big quads, so what? These CrossFit girls don’t care

The plan was to do a group feature for my weekly Yahoo #Fitspo column, but after speaking to them, I realised there was a greater story to tell. These girls exude an air of confidence about their bodies, which the average girl lacks. They readily agreed to posing in bikinis, without hesitation. To be frank, I […]

[FITSPO] Roxanne Gan #YogaintheStreets

It was entirely Roxanne’s idea to do yoga in the streets; something she said suits her personality a lot, as opposed to just striking up poses in the studio. I’m glad we did this Yoga in the Streets series, running around alley after alley in search for ‘holes’ and corners for her various poses. I […]

[FITSPO] Kirstie Gannaway of Evolve MMA

Only about less than a year ago, I met Kirstie Gannaway for the first time at Evolve MMA when she was first signed to the Evolve Fight Team. The news was not out officially yet and I was the first to interview her, as well as photograph her. She had the entire package – the […]

Adrian & Devina pre-wedding shoot

I had the good fortune to photograph this sweet couple Adrian and Devina, both of whom have become my friends. It’s not often that you see this soft side of two-time Mr Singapore and Muscle Mania Pro Adrian. He’s also baring his bulging muscles which intimidate lots of us, but here we see a sweeter side […]

Citira Corrigan finds back confidence through Fit for Fashion reality show

Citira Corrigan found herself in a very low place at the end of 2012 when she suffered a nasty fall and hurt her back bad. Unable to keep up with her usual fitness routine, she started gaining weight and subsequently slipped down the confidence ladder. The 34-year-old Australian of Indonesian descent stopped work as a fitness instructor […]

[FITSPO] May & Choy Wan

#Fitspo, to me, is defined as inspirational women leading active lifestyles. #Fitspo is not defined by the numbers on the scale, nor the digits on your measuring tape. Besides looking healthy, #Fitspo is also about having the right mindset. When these photos first went out, there was a bit of confusion on how and why […]