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What Rock The Naked Truth has done for me

When I created Rock The Naked Truth, my intention was to build this support group to help people who are fighting internal battles every day. Whether it is an obsession with weight loss, the lack of confidence in your career or losing direction in life, Rock The Naked Truth’s purpose is be a positive and non-judgmental platform for people to draw strength from. It is a voice for those silently struggling and have no one to turn to, or no one who can relate to or understand them.

30 years of my life it has taken to help me see past the materialism in our society, to learn that life has more meaning than just work and money, and most importantly, to live with a greater purpose – which, for me now, is to help people overcome their inner demons and fight them to learn to love themselves right. I was in the corporate sector and wore suits everyday, I’ve been freelancing and serving contracts for nine years now, but I finally realise what my life has set me up for.

I know I can’t solve everyone’s insecurities and I cannot save the world, but every life I touch makes a difference. I’ve seen change in people, I’ve seen people take the first step to try and love themselves. Sure, we fall off track and we beat ourselves up, but keep trying and don’t give up. I went round in circles for 13 years, before I saw the light. And I believe that you can walk out of this darkness too.

A lot of times, we get so caught up in the frustrations of our responsibilities that we lose ourselves. But you can find yourself again because somewhere inside you is that confidence and strength you are lacking – you just have to dig deep, or deeper. Your happiness is yours to fight for.

I have found my happy place within myself and with this platform, I hope it helps you to appreciate yourself and the ones around you more. Seeing the community grow has brought me so much contentment that no amount of money in the world can buy.

But the biggest thing that Rock The Naked Truth has done for me is to give me strength I never knew I had. Of course, I couldn’t have done it alone and there are certain special people who have walked this journey with me. So thank YOU and don’t stop believing. This community is for you, as much as it is for me.