Too pink for the gym

So, it’s no big secret that I’m a huge lover of the colour pink! That means, anything that I can find in pink, will be pink! Yes, including my cars.

I am also a fitness enthusiast and it’s no surprise either, that my gym stuff are PINK! I recently took it a little overboard and my girlfriends (whom I gym-med with) had A LOT to say.

IMG_20131002_210822 (600x600)

They claimed that I was drawing more attention than usual to them, because of my pink ‘highlighter’ outfit.

IMG_20131002_214828 (600x600)


I got a warning from them that if I were to wear ALL pink again, they would not allow me to train with them. Boo 🙁

IMG_20131002_190103 (600x600)


I even wore this pair of Hello Kitty VANS just to annoy them a little more, grin. My usual gym kicks are my New Balance ones!

IMG_20131002_123708 (600x600)

My shoes are always pink, but ok, yes, I will avoid wearing ALL pink in future!