Jenson Button’s training at Thanyapura helped overcome weight problem

McLaren’s Jenson Button, one of the fittest on the Formula One grid with all his triathlon training, said he needed to lose 1kg before the season. Weighing 71kg then, the six-footer was seriously considering going about the dehydration route – sitting in the sauna, taking a steam, not drinking or eating until after qualifying, and […]

Meeting World Champion triathlete Chris McCormack

Humbly dressed in a t-shirt, shorts, running shoes and a cap, you wouldn’t have guessed Chris McCormack is a multiple world champion triathlete and the executive chairman of Thanyapura, a world-class sports and leisure megaplex in Phuket. Chris was a pleasure to talk to, chatting away easily and recalling anecdotes of his life. [Read the […]