8 strength & conditioning gyms you should try in Singapore

Train your body as the machine, not with machines Keep your training raw and rough with these gyms You don’t need fanciful machines to train. Sometimes I get overwhelmed by the influx of advanced machines in globo gyms especially. For example, it’s not just TV that you can watch while running on the treadmill. Now […]

“Train for a stronger tomorrow”, says Shrek, Master Coach of Ritual

What are your objectives for training? To lose weight, to stay healthy, to ease the guilt from over-indulging, to relieve stress, to feel good after sweating it out? For Shrek (whose real name is Muhammad Ismail), he feels that people in general should approach working out for a better and stronger tomorrow. The 31-year-old Master […]

Skipping is more than you think

I recall fondly the days of my inter-class skipping competition back in primary school. It was a pretty intense period when my team and I religiously practised every day during recess and after school, perfecting our routine and trying to implement impressive moves. We did very well in the qualifying round, but the other teams […]