Gear up for superhero action with EZ-Link on 28 July

EZ-Link Pte Ltd, Singapore’s largest issuer of CEPAS-compliant cards, will usher in nine hugely popular superheroes and one notorious villain into town, in the form of limited edition ‘Special Justice League’ ez-link cards. This card series is available exclusively for ez-link cardholders whose cards are expiring in 2014, and is part of EZ-Link’s ‘Journey with […]

EZ-Link giving away more than a million EZ-link Cards

EZ-Link announced the launch of its ‘Journey with EZ-Link’ giveaway campaign that extends free EZ-link cards and complimentary value-added services to EZ-link cardholders, to thank them for making EZ-Link part of their journey. From 4 July to 31 December 2014, holders of CEPAS-compliant Adult Anonymous EZ-link cards expiring in the year 2014 can get a free ‘Colour […]

New app to top up your EZ-Link

There is now an app which you can use to top up your EZ-link card via your smartphone. Called My EZ-Link Mobile app, it automates payment by charging to your designated Visa or MasterCard and then you can tap your EZ-Link card to the smartphone for top-up. This app will only work with smartphones enabled with near […]

Hello Kitty EZ-Link cards

EZ-Link launched a new e-commerce  website, My EZ-Link Online Shop (, where it will sell limited edition EZ-link cards and EZ-link memorabilia. Commemorating this launch was the release of the Hello Kitty ez-link Card Series! The Hello Kitty ez-link Card Series consists of 12 designs altogether – four Limited Edition Cards of famous sights and special […]