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New app to top up your EZ-Link

There is now an app which you can use to top up your EZ-link card via your smartphone. Called My EZ-Link Mobile app, it automates payment by charging to your designated Visa or MasterCard and then you can tap your EZ-Link card to the smartphone for top-up. This app will only work with smartphones enabled with near field communications (NFC), a wireless transmission technology for mobile payment.

My EZ-Link Mobile Tutorial (450x800)

More information here:

Press Release - My EZ-Link Mobile_1 (566x800)

Press Release - My EZ-Link Mobile_2 (566x800)

My EZ-Link Mobile Card Information (450x800)

Press Release - My EZ-Link Mobile_4 (566x800)

My EZ-Link Mobile Add Cards (450x800)

My EZL Mobile FAQs_1 (566x800)

My EZL Mobile FAQs_2 (566x800)

My EZL Mobile FAQs_3 (566x800)

My EZL Mobile FAQs_4 (566x800)

My EZ-Link Mobile Top Up Step1 (450x800)